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Healthcare Digital Marketing 2015: 10 Eye-Popping Statistics

Healthcare Digital Marketing 2015: 10 Eye-Popping Statistics

The exponential increase in technological advances has had an impact on every industry, but its influence on the healthcare sector has been especially alarming in the last year. During research for our consulting clients in private practice, along with larger health science companies, we have analyzed the shift taking place in the way people are finding out about businesses in the healthcare industry. This list provides statistical evidence of the public’s increased consumption of healthcare-related digital information.

Healthcare Digital Marketing Statistics

  1. 72% of internet users say they looked online for health information within the past year
  2. Multiple studies confirm that consumers report using the internet first (85% of the time) when they need a healthcare service or product, and printed Yellow Pages only about 35% of the time
  3. 77% of online health seekers say they began their last session at a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo
  4. Of patients who found physicians and private practices on their mobile devices, 44% scheduled an appointment
  5. About 1/3 of patients used tablets or mobile devices on a daily basis for health research and/or to book appointments
  6. 51% of patients say they’d feel more valued as a patient when doctors use social media, blogs, and other digital engagement outlets
  7. 90% of adults said they would trust medical information shared by peers in their social media networks
  8. 41% of patients said social media influenced their selection of a healthcare provider.
  9. Healthcare companies who blog see 55% increase in website traffic
  10. Behind [using search engines] and [checking email], the #3 activity people do online is [search for health information]

If you’re responsible for developing a business growth strategy in this industry, digital healthcare marketing is a required component in any healthcare business from 2015-forward. As a leader in your company’s growth efforts, you’re required to overcome average marketing; you’re expected to execute strategies in the channels that bring the most ROI. If you lack a strong digital strategy, where will you be when your boss asks why your marketing isn’t driving more leads and sales?

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