Marketing Strategy

Understand which marketing activities lead to revenue for your company.

Executing healthcare marketing strategy

46% of executives surveyed say that a “lack of an effective strategy” is the biggest obstacle in achieving the goals of their healthcare marketing strategy.

At Pulse, we try to start with an analysis of your challenges, timeline, business goals, and plans. From there, we develop a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy to drive traffic, convert leads, and close customers and achieve the goals established in the planning process.

We utilize an integrated strategy of content, social media, paid search, email, PR, and strategic lead nurturing systems to increase demand and enhance the quantity and quality of leads coming into your pipeline.

healthcare marketing strategy

“Before the web, organizations had only two significant options: Buy expensive advertising or get third party ink from the media. But the web has changed the rules. The digital space has opened a tremendous opportunity to reach niche buyers directly with targeted information that costs a fraction of what big-budget advertising costs.”

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